PATCH 10.16


“Okay, this is a long one. We’ve got a big list of small tweaks to bring more razzle dazzle as we gear up for Worlds! We think the meta’s at a good place, so we’re carefully mixing things up without throwing caution to the wind (although Yasuo’s down there somewhere…).

This means we’re bringing up the zhuzh, from marksfolks (Miss Fortune, Lucian, Tristana) to junglefolks (Evelynn, Hecarim, Skarner). Which also means we’re un-zhuzhing those who have been omnipresent picks (Karma, Syndra, Volibear) to open up their counterpicks and to give their enemies more chances to retaliate.

We’re also tidying up some champions by giving them more cohesive identities and sharpening their strengths, while giving others more clarity in their kits.

Finally, on a housekeeping note, the dev team is taking some AFK time in the near future. For League, this means 10.16 will last twice as long as a normal patch and we’ll be skipping patch 10.17. We’re planning to ship a set of balance changes around the time 10.17 would have launched, though, so keep an eye out for those details. The next full patch will be 10.18!

So zoom your way down—and once you’re well-read, you’ll be well-ready to take on the third ranked split of the season, the world, etc, etc.”


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