PATCH 10.22


“Here we go— one last light patch for the books before we switch gears into heavy-duty preseason changes! Kick back, put on some tunes (we’ve got a new pop star in our midst, after all), you know the drill.

First off, we attacked the Fire Nation and changed some things (not everything!) with our favorite fire friends (Annie and Brand). These tweaks should help their skills feel more intuitive, find more flexibility in their roles, and kick their strength up a notch. We also made a couple more clarity checks (Amumu, Jinx, Galio), and wrapped it all up with the usual balance changes: firing up recent outcasts like Sejuani and LeBlanc, and nudging prominent champs like Samira and Karthus off their steamrollers.

One last clerical note: we’ve completed our test changes regarding matchmaking. Now, all players in ranked queues will more often experience being grouped up with similarly ranked people. This should result in matches that appear closer by rank.

And that’s it! We hope the rest of your October is more treat than trick. See ya in the next one.


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