PATCH 10.24

Tryndamere smurfing here we come!

” Hey, is this thing on? *taps mic* Anyone still alive after the chonk of last patch?

So here we are, the preseason aftermath! We bring to you a series of changes that are overwhelmingly heavy on items as we feel out the changes in the new ecosystem. Long story short: AP Mythics are strong across the board, while other items needed a bit more power to fulfill their role. So come along for the ride as we drive down the overperforming and rev up the underwhelming. You know the drill.

More out of the ordinary are two new Behavioral Systems updates to mitigate the blow of disconnected players or AFKs, and a little glitzy glammy for two Void buddies!

And one more thing, we also want to encourage you to revisit the 10.23 patch notes after reading through this one, as we had a LOT of updates and bugfixes since the patch first went live. So if you feel like that really crazy bug that a developer said would be fixed is missing here, it’s probably documented over there.”

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