PATCH 11.3


” Welcome to February and another big ol’ patch!

This time around, we took a large sweep across items to tweak what’s hitting too hard and what’s needing some love, categorized into 6 sections: tank, enchanter, marksman, fighter, mage, and sustain items. For sustain, we’re continuing to reassess systemic healing by adjusting stats around Omnivamp on powerful items like Goredrinker and Sterak’s Gage. The intent here is to balance the stat’s strength while keeping items viable and, you guessed it, sustainable.

Then it’s the usual champ balancing, with some sizzle for Jinx, who’s been wanting to crash back onto the scene for a while now, and some more for AP Shyv. As for outliers, we’re tamping down champs like Rammus and Elise who have been consistent hot shots in the jungle.

All that aside, ARURF is back and better than ever! We’ve made a few changes in light of the new item landscape, so take a quick peek below and get ultra ready. See ya in the next one.



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