Why You Should Buy LOL Smurf Accounts

League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports games in the world today, with worldwide tournaments taking place annually. It’s comes as no surprise then that people all over the world spend time, energy, and money to get ahead in this game.

Getting another account in League of Legends is a great idea, as this provides variety and the opportunity to explore alternate abilities. However, getting a Smurf account only benefits you if you actually advance beyond where your main account currently lies.

So, let’s dive in!

What is a Smurf Account?

A Smurf account is the term used for a separate LOL account created by advanced players to play with or against less experienced players. A Smurf account allows you to experience the game from new perspectives, and it can help break bad reputations.

Why Buy LOL Smurf Accounts?

If it is free to create a new account, why do some sellers offer accounts that cost money? Read on to learn the benefits of purchasing a Smurf account.

This purchase can buy you time

You can only participate in ranked games when you’re at least level 30. At this point, your achievement within “League of Legends” will begin taking off. However, by buying unranked LOL accounts, you can instantly max out your account and start playing ranked games nearly immediately.

Smurf accounts typically come ranked, so you don’t need to start from scratch. This feature lets you focus on your ranked games rather than spending time ranking up again.

Furthermore, they reduce queue times for skilled players since LOL rewards players who have spent the longest time in-game. If you buy ranked LOL accounts that are already leveled, then you would not need to wait long for games to start.

It can save you money

In “League of Legends”, money is required to level up as fast as possible. Therefore, one can purchase XP Boosts from the store in order to reach Level 30 and join ranked matches which are more fun. Buying LOL Smurf accounts rather than buying XP boost is cheaper.

Purchasing LOL Smurf accounts is not cheap, but in the long run it’s a better value than trying to level up your account again by buying XP boost.

Also, Smurf accounts are sold with perks including RP and BE, which you can use to purchase items.

League Smurf is offering Smurf accounts starting from only $4.99.

Game variety is provided

If you have played League of Legends for a long time and become good at it, you might want to take a break from the competitive scene and enjoy using a Smurf account to test variety.

One of the major benefits of buying a Smurf account is playing with friends who are lower ranked than you are. There are varying gameplay mechanics depending on your Summoner’s level, and that allows for a more varied experience.

To experience a unique gaming style from players in other regions, you can purchase League of Legends (LOL) Smurf accounts. Each server has its own restrictions on where it will allow players to access. If you are playing in the North American region, for example, and need to play with someone from Europe West, an LOL Smurf account would be needed.

Your LOL Smurf account enables you to practice different rune builds for each of your customized characters in the game, whereas your main account only allows up to 6 rune pages. If you have a LOL Smurf, however, it comes with an additional benefit: a $20 upgrade that expands the number of runes from 6 pages to 7.

You can enjoy perks

You can customize your Summoner’s aesthetic in the game to suit your preferences. You do this by applying skins, which are acquired as rewards from quests and won’t earn you a competitive advantage.

If you buy LOL Smurf accounts that include BE and RP along with your champions, you will also enjoy the freebies.

They allow you to recover from loss

You’ll lose calibration matches occasionally because others may try and purposefully sabotage you due to their malicious intentions. In the event that happens, take a break and log out then log in with a different account to resume your match where you left off.

Players who have achieved better ranks will have less trouble if they focus on a single account. This is similar to having just the right amount of ELO to avoid dragging down other players, as was previously described.

Ranked Smurf accounts that are already at Level 30 and have a large champion pool can quickly get back into competitive play by climbing to their appropriate ELO.

You have control over your games

Purchasing a Smurf account allows players to focus on their game instead of unlocking champions. In addition, players don’t have to wait for their main account’s champs to be unlocked since the champions are already available.

With over 80 million players all over the world, there is a good chance that another player has taken your desired Summoner name. That’s where a Smurf account helps you in choosing any name.

If you do not wish to pay a small fee to alter the name, buy LOL smurf accounts. It costs the same as it would to alter your current Summoner’s name and comes with additional benefits.

You get protection

If you ever have problems with your main account, having Smurf accounts give you a backup plan. You don’t even need lose playing time if something goes wrong.

You purchase Smurf accounts to provide a solution in the event of lost access to one account. This is beneficial because you receive a variety of options and can maintain control over all accounts.

So, stop worrying about losing your main account. Just go and buy yourself a Smurf account from League Smurfs.

Should I Buy LOL Smurf Accounts?

If you’re looking for the benefits listed earlier, buying LOL accounts is a good choice. If you’re a casual player, try a variety of gameplays through your Smurf account. The price is worth it!

Visit League Smurf’s website to buy a Smurf account starting from only $4.99.

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