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A bear, and a bear hug to our marksmen...

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Patch 10.11 notes

A bear, and a bear hug to our marksmen...

Hello, my dear starchildren. Before we get into it, we want to remind everyone that this patch will be going out a day later than usual. You may have already noticed seeing that the patch notes were also a day later, but for more information on the patch release schedule at any given time, please be sure to check out this Player Support article.

The storm has landed and while the wait's been unbearable, our bear is now here in his final form. We hope you were able to join the frenzy with Voli during our event in the Abyss!

This patch, we wanted to make sure we did it right. We spent some long, dreary evenings in a cold room, huddled around one single candle, chanting away all semblance of cringe wordplay. Safely distanced, of course. So don’t fret, baby girls and boys. We got this.

Running it down—we’ve got a couple tweaks here, from Fiddlesticks to Lux, but the real meat of the patch is focused on the Marksman class (yes, it’s here!).

It’s clear that markspeople have been struggling for a while. Their squishiness makes it difficult to stay alive in lane, especially in the critical early phases of the game. To remedy this, we’re bringing some power back with a two-step dance: drawing up health stats, and boosting their late game mobility through some items we’ve amped up, so that players can still go for exciting plays without getting as punished for it.

It also doesn’t hurt to have more pep in your step.

With that being said, we wanted to take a closer look at marksman champions who can solo lane and aren’t as dependent on their supports (Lucian, Vayne, Tristana, Kalista). We wanted to give them an equal amount of power as their peers while making sure it wasn’t skewed towards their solo lanes, so we’ve distinguished other treats for these folks that more accurately hit the mark!

So get on the Rift, where you can use all this knowledge to make your enemies see stars. And, you know, longer death timers.

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