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Updated runes, elemental terrain, and...ghost!

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Patch 10.12 notes

Updated runes, elemental terrain, and...ghost!

Happy June! Y'all ready for a summer of fun (safely indoors on League?)

This patch, we dipped our toe in the usual pool, adjusting some champions that have been standing out, some of whom have been in a rough spot (Akali, Brand, Viktor, Xayah). We're also carefully dialing down a few pro outliers, like Trundle and Varus, to a fairer middle ground in the scope of the game. Finally, we're pushing a few changes and smoothing out a couple bugs to our epic savage of a bear.

But more noticeably, we've done a pass on some of our more underutilized and niche runes to broaden their use for more champions. Some felt just too unintuitive to really understand the benefits they were giving and some just felt too difficult to actively trigger for the maximum value. Hopefully, these changes will help players widen their horizons when it comes to picking runes that best suits their playstyle. We also went and did a similar check for Summoner Spells and found that Ghost was in the same boat as the affected runes. Now, those looking to be faster than a certain blue hedgehog might feel more compelled to ghost their other Summoner Spell options and check this one out for size.

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