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The Patch 10.8 Notes are here.

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Patch 10.8 Notes

The Patch 10.8 Notes are here.

Hey all you cool Jeweled Protectors and Hushtails!

This patch, we’ve got another follow-up to the funnel mechanics and a couple of wider jungle changes that should help with pacing, mainly around early game impact. We’re slightly reducing how much a gank will punish an enemy, and giving junglers a steadier stream of XP mid to late game. These adjustments should help you bounce back and stabilize from early setbacks. Alongside this, we're helping out players who aren't hyper-optimizing their jungle clearing, giving them some breathing room with extra sustain so they're not always punished for taking a a little too much damage from a Raptor.

We're also adding a couple of QoL changes to things like champion ability timers to better indicate how much time you have on an ability's cast or empowerment and the Practice Tool. Be sure to check those out!

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