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In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

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Patch 11.10 notes

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...


Now that things are settling down after Midseason, we come bearing the meatiest part of this patch: a jungle update! There’s a big section you can scroll on down to, but the gist of it is that we’re making improvements to help the jungle experience feel less like a grind of swatting down camps of birds and wolves. We’re talking more lenient camp timers, a helping hand for junglers who are significantly behind in the game, and specific adjustments to jungle camps.

Zooming back to balance changes, a certain axe man and a blade babe have been crossing the line, so we’re taking them down a notch. On the other end, we’re giving some love to a luminous lady and a wingwoman who haven’t been feeling their best. Phase Rush, a safe bet for ranged and melee users, gets a nerf, whereas Abyssal Mask gets a buff to secure it as a more potent MR option.

Last but not least, Kog’Maw gets a VFX update, so prepare to be open-mouthed for a brushed up Mouth of the Abyss! (But not for too long— I hear he spits.)

And that's it! See ya in the next one.

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