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Reeling back some junglers and reeling out others...

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Patch 11.11 notes

Reeling back some junglers and reeling out others...


In this one, we’re looking back at changes we made earlier in the season and seeing how the dust settled. This includes curbing Jungle Morgana, whose buff from last patch worked too well and skewed her away from her primary roles. We also threw some love to Ryze, who’s been blue since the item shakeup (although he’s just blue overall).

Then, we adjusted two champions who are commonly found with two items, namely Senna with Frostfire Gauntlet, and Master Yi with Duskblade. We don’t want a champ to feel bound to a certain item or to incentivize gameplay that feels out of character, so these changes should shuffle up more Mythic options for them while also sharpening their identities and playstyles.

To top it all off, Nexus Blitz is back and better than ever, with its own slew of balance changes.

And that's all, my friend! See ya in the next one.

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