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Balance changes and Viego are a go!

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Patch 11.2 notes

Balance changes and Viego are a go!

Hi! A certain king has arrived, and so has another patch!

Here in 11.2, we’ve made a couple changes based around healing. First, we brought the spice and everything nice for Soraka; with the last buff to Grievous Wounds, she should now be in a better spot to wish your pain away. On the other hand, folks like Aatrox and Olaf have been healing a bit too well, becoming true terrors when matched with the right items and runes. To change this, we’ve shifted their healing to be tapped straight from their kits— true healing is on the inside, right?

As for items, we spruced up tank Mythics outside of Sunfire, the crowd favorite— although it's a name we all know and love, we're hoping to open the gateway to more item diversity, depending on the game state.

And that’s it! We’ll see you in the next one.

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