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Join the Lavender Sea and Bel’Veth in patch 12.11!

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Patch 12.11 notes

Join the Lavender Sea and Bel’Veth in patch 12.11!

The Lavender Sea continues to grow, and with it, Bel'Veth descends upon the Rift to claim it as her own. Join Bel'Veth, the Void Empress, this patch!

The numbers are in and… champions are now more durable! After the sweeping changes we introduced in the last patch, this week we're on cleanup duty to restore balance to the Rift. Two big things to keep in mind here. First of all, we don’t want to over nerf/buff any champions as an immediate response to the Durability Update. We’re avoiding this by considering each champs’ individual strengths and weaknesses relative to their overall class/role balance and preferred itemization choices. Second, since the 12.10 healing and shielding nerfs were done across the board, they ended up affecting some champs more than others. This round, we’re going through champs individually and returning heal and shielding power where needed, or reinvesting that lost power into other aspects of their kit.

In other news, we also have the brand new Ocean Song skin line releasing this patch and with it Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine for a limited time. (Before you ask, no, the Ocean they're in isn't the same as Bel'Veth's Lavender one.)

TFT: Dragonlands takes flight this patch, sending Pengu and friends to a new set in a world of islands diverse in ecology and combat strategy. Check out the new set mechanics, traits, champions, and more, in the TFT patch notes here!