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Jump for joy – it’s patch 12.13!

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Patch 12.13 notes

Jump for joy – it’s patch 12.13!

Jump for joy—it’s patch 12.13!

On this week’s episode of Patch Notes, we have the premiere of our newest champion (and Star Guardian) Nilah, the Joy Unbound! We also have the Star Guardians, new and old, making their appearance again to protect us from the forces of evil. Sivir’s mid-scope update also debuts this patch, not to mention your regularly scheduled balance adjustments.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled patch notes to say a big goodbye to our patch note author ahrisoo, who is leaving on an adventure to become Dr. ahrisoo. Your patch notes (and patch jokes) will be missed!

Read on to see if the true treasure of patch notes was the friends LP we made along the way.

Speaking of stars, the TFT patch notes this week feature an update to Aurelion Sol, Double Up improvements, and more.

Learn all about them here!