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Squad up for patch 12.6!

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Patch 12.6 notes

Squad up for patch 12.6!

Squad up for patch 12.6!

Anima Squad up, that is. It's been a hot minute since the mid-patch 12.5 balances, so there's a lot in store this week. In addition to some spunky new sci-fi skins, we have buffs and nerfs galore, a set of adjustments to Rengar, and systemic changes to sustain items and runes. Phase 1 of the Mythic Content Overhaul is also finally here! Keep reading to find out more about Mythic Essence, the Mythic Shop, unvaulted Prestige skins, and an update on Phase 2.

Anyway, back to the Rift—heard norms are looking kinda sus this week, gonna go check that out...

Your crime-fighting mecha crew not online for Flex 5s yet? No worries—you can always read about your favorite auto Battle Bunny battler while you wait for 'em over at the TFT patch notes here!