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What's in the cards for patch 12.7?

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Patch 12.7 notes

What's in the cards for patch 12.7?

You’ll never see it coming, it's patch 12.7!

In this round of patch notes you may notice that some of our changes explicitly mention pro play. This is because MSI is right around the corner and is set to be played on patch 12.8! We’re aiming to shake up the meta a bit to allow for some more diverse picks in 12.7 and 12.8, but we’re introducing some spicier changes in 12.7 so that we can make additional adjustments in 12.8 if needed.

In this edition of patch notes, we’re buffing some underpowered champs like Pantheon and Wukong, dropping some nerfs on stronger items like Galeforce and Winter’s Approach, and releasing some out-of-this-world Arcana skins!

MSI isn’t the only pro play happening soon. You can catch the TFT patch notes here, where we’ll be going over the patch that Worlds will be played on!