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Have no fear, patch 13.11 is here!

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Patch 13.11 notes

Have no fear, patch 13.11 is here!

You get a Buff Wisp! YOU get a Buff Wisp! You ALL get Buff Wisps!

Did you all catch MSI? Huge congratulations to JDG for coming out on top! Riding the esports wave, we also have a skinline to celebrate last year’s World Champions, DRX, coming out this patch, with a special Prestige skin for Aatrox to celebrate Kingen’s dominating MVP performance!

In other news, we also have some exciting changes coming this week like Rell’s midscope update, universal buff sharing for junglers, some nerfs for Aphelios and Jinx, and quite a few followup changes to the Midseason update that came out in 13.10.

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