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Patch 13.13 takes flight!

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Patch 13.13 Notes

Patch 13.13 takes flight!

It's the last patch of this split, welcome to 13.13!

As a quick reminder, this will be a 3-week long patch due to Riot's annual mid-year break. You can check out our full patch schedule for 2023 here.

In this patch, we're looking to address a few over-performing champions like Aphelios, Ivern, and Rell, while giving Lee Sin and Nidalee a little extra power. We're also adjusting a few items like Statikk Shiv (sorry LeBlanc) and Stormrazor alongside a few ARAM balance adjustments.

It's the last patch of Split 1 (in case you missed it two paragraphs ago)! If you're pushing to break into that next tier it's game time, because your rank will be locked for rewards on July 17, 2023 at 11:59pm your local time. Best of luck with your climbs and see you next split!

Been enjoying set 9? I know I have, and I'll be checking out the TFT patch notes here to learn why I shouldn't be forcing Shadow Isles every game.