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Put up your dukes. Patch 13.14 is a knockout!

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Patch 13.14 notes

Put up your dukes. Patch 13.14 is a knockout!

GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLE, it’s time for the Soul Fighters to enter the Rift!

Welcome to the League of Legends summer event: Soul Fighter! We’re excited for all of you to see what we’ve been cooking. In this event will be a brand new game mode, Arena, a new in-client metagame, Tournament of Souls, and a whole roster of fighters sporting our brand new Soul Fighter skinline.

Speaking of fighters, make sure to keep an eye out for Naafiri, our newest champion, who will be looking to claim her place as the apex predator on the Rift.

This patch also marks the beginning of Ranked Split 2. Make sure to check out the Mid-Season Ranked Reset section down below which contains ranked kickoff times alongside all the changes coming to ranked this split, like the new Emerald tier.

Now to your regularly scheduled patch content. This week we are incrementally raising top lane carry potential, lowering early jungle gank power, and nudging down bot lane mobility. We have some nifty QoL adjustments to Zyra, Xerath, and Lissandra, some assassin tuning, and another round of ARAM balance adjustments coming.

League won’t be the only place for you to hop into the ring! Make sure you check out TFT’s take on Soul Fighter with their new game mode, Soul Brawl, in the TFT patch notes here!