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Patch 13.16 is coming at you full steam ahead!

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Patch 13.16 notes

Patch 13.16 is coming at you full steam ahead!

Split 2 is going full steam ahead, and what better way to keep the ranked journey entertaining than with a new patch—welcome to 13.16!

In this week’s patch we have quite a few changes coming at you, both on Summoner’s Rift and in Arena. On the Rift side of things, we have some followup tweaks to Naafiri, a plan to make Shaco’s boxes a bit less magical (and annoying), quite a few buffs to a wide variety of champs, and a QoL change for everyone’s favorite Void dad. On the Arena front we’ve got 44 changes, mainly looking to bolster champions that could use the help in Arena while addressing some overperforming champions/augments/items. We also have a new batch of Immortal Journey skins gracing the Rift this patch and a Mythic Shop rotation, so make sure to check those out!

Catch a portal to the TFT patch notes here where my TFT counterpart will walk you through the nerfs to my favorite champion (Zeri)!