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We hope you’re hungry because patch 13.18 is quite the feast!

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Patch 13.18 notes

We hope you’re hungry because patch 13.18 is quite the feast!

Come check out what we're cookin' in patch 13.18. Hope you’re hungry. Briar certainly is.

In this patch we welcome our newest champion to the Rift! Briar, the Restrained Hunger, is here and ready to sink her teeth into her foes. I wonder what champions taste like? Probably not very good... But that's not all we're serving up! We also have Ixtal Clash this weekend, a new Mythic Shop rotation, and a handful of street demons dishing out some chaos.

We are quickly approaching the League of Legends World Championship, which will be played on patch 13.19! As a result, we’re continuing to trickle in more changes aimed at professional play. We’re also doing follow ups on the previous patch: Jarvan was a big winner of last patch’s item changes, Darkin Kayn’s nerfs were fully compensated by item buffs, and Tryndamere landed stronger than we had intended. We’re also tuning up a few champions and systems that haven’t found meaningful success in either solo queue or Pro play.

TFT's launched their final mid-set, Horizonbound, with patch 13.18. Read all about it in the TFT patch notes here!