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Welcome to the 2023 World Championship patch!

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Patch 13.19 Notes

Welcome to the 2023 World Championship patch!

Welcome to patch 13.19, the official patch for the League of Legends World Championship!

In terms of balance work, we're doing a final tuning pass on several champions who've had an outsized impact on the Pro scene this summer and otherwise doing more routine balance on champions (or builds) whose overall power level is out of line.

In other news, in this patch we're introducing new ranked restrictions and ping adjustments to help tackle toxicity, a new audio accessibility update for global ultimates, a brand new skin line, La Ilusión, and the Tenfold Triumph chroma set! We'll also be testing some new introductory bot AI on PBE, so check it out if you're interested!

It's our first patch after our final midset update! Check out the TFT patch notes here!