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Wake up with a fresh cup of Patch 13.21!

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Patch 13.21 Notes

Wake up with a fresh cup of Patch 13.21!

Wake up with a fresh cup of Patch 13.21!

A large portion of this patch is a follow-up of 13.20. Overall, we hit our major goals for the changes—games are much less snowbally, players are fighting even more, and games are going only slightly longer on average. That said, late-game champions have been winning more than early-game champions, which means some re-balancing. The jungle changes have put junglers back on equal footing with other roles in the early game, but also really hurt AD junglers. So we’re buffing them back up. Lastly, K’Sante’s kit update achieved our goals around opening up his counterplay, but didn’t give him as much power as we wanted, so we’re serving him up some buffs.

In addition to follow-up changes, we’re aiming to make Morgana, Seraphine, Brand, and Zyra viable in multiple roles.

Also coming this patch, is the long awaited return of Nexus Blitz with a few quality of life improvements, a new host of Cafe Cuties ready to serve up some Pentakills (but not you Lulu, please don’t secure all my kills), a new rotation for the Mythic Shop, and finally another batch of ARAM balance adjustments. Don’t forget about the Worlds Clash that will be happening in this patch as well!

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