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Welcome to patch 13.22!

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Patch 13.22 Notes

Welcome to patch 13.22!

You're not being paranoid, Patch 13.22 is really here!

Outside of normally-sized balance changes, this patch has two big updates. The first is a sweep of mage and mage-like champion attack speed. We noticed that many mages had slow-feeling attack speeds and want to bring (almost) all of them up to a new baseline for missile speed and snappiness of their basic attack animations—with exceptions for champions who have functional auto attack replacements, like Karthus and Fiddlesticks. We're also injecting some early attack speed into mages who tend to run the attack speed stat shard, don't have any strong basic attack synergies in their kit, and don't already have elevated level 1 attack speed.

The second is a major kit update (salute) to Janna. We're bringing back elements of her kit from a few years ago with the goal of turning her into a more active participant in the game and less about long-range tornadoes.

Also in this patch be ready to pop off with the new Heartsteel skins, remix it up with the new Mythic Variant Breakout True Damage Ekko, or checkout the new rotation of the Mythic Shop. We also threw in some ARAM and Nexus Blitz adjustments for good measure!

It's the last patch of Runeterra Reforged before TFT moves on to their next set, so be sure to read about all the changes right here!