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Rise and Shine, time for patch 13.9!

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Patch 13.9 notes

Rise and Shine, time for patch 13.9!

Rise and shine, it’s patch 13.9!

This week’s patch will be a bit on the lighter side as we prepare for 13.10 which will be our biggest patch since the season started. The star of this patch will be the new minion jungle plant ward Neeko midscope, but we also have a few quality of life buffs and adjustments for a few champions that just aren’t quite hitting the spot we’d like them to.

Don’t forget that MSI kicks off in London TODAY. If you need a quick rundown of all the changes including the new format, make sure to check out our MSI 2023 Primer here!

Looking to defy the odds by pulling a 5 cost at level 7? In that case, you can check out the TFT patch notes here!