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Patch 14.10 is in full bloom 🌸

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Patch 14.10 Notes

Patch 14.10 is in full bloom 🌸

14.10 coming through, which means Split 2 is finally here!

We have quite a bit of stuff dropping in patch 14.10: Split 1 end and Split 2 start details, LoR comes to the League client, Champion Mastery updates, tons of Arena adjustments, and LOTS of items and runes changes, alongside a couple of system changes to XP and gold gain. Also keep an eye out for the new Faerie Court skins that are now available!

For some champion highlights, we have a pretty big rework for Corki, giving him some bot lane viability alongside getting him away from his past The Package-based gameplay, some tweaks to K'Sante and Skarner, some adjustments to give Viego a bit more lane presence, and Sett some small jungle viability.

For Ranked players, welcome to the second split of 2024! This massive patch includes a full-scale item update for marksmen and other auto-attackers, now granting 25% crit per item and sunsetting the stat profile of crit + AD + AS on any individual items. Tanks, enchanters, mages, and fighters have received meaningful, albeit smaller, updates as well. We've removed—or replaced—a dozen runes that were significantly weak or unpopular. We've also made game-wide adjustments to experience and gold with the hopes of giving junglers and bot laners a leg up in the mid game without taking over afterwards.