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Grab some water, Patch 14.2 is scorching hot!

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Patch 14.2 Notes

Grab some water, Patch 14.2 is scorching hot!

Things are heating up in 14.2, say hi to Smolder everyone!

In this week's patch we’re looking to address some of the champions that the 14.1 changes hit hardest. Some champs, like Camille and Illaoi, need the help due to the terrain changes, while others, like Ezreal and Fizz, struggled or thrived with the new items at their disposal. In addition to champion balance changes, we’re also retuning a few of the items to get them into a better place. But that’s not all, we also have a whole list of quality of life changes!

Make sure you check out the sections below on Vanguard and our Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 deprecation coming in the next few patches.

Over in TFT, Lunar Festival has begun, bringing new cosmetics and TFT’s first ever set revival game mode (the return of Galaxies), so be sure to check out all the details at the TFT patch notes here!