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Ring in Lunar Revel with 14.3!

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Patch 14.3 Notes

Ring in Lunar Revel with 14.3!

What better way to ring in Lunar Revel than with a new patch—welcome to 14.3!

In this week’s patch, we’re continuing to make follow-up adjustments for champions and items that were affected by the itemization overhaul. This includes things like lowering overall burst in the game by reducing the amount of proc damage from items, giving some AP carries like Ziggs and Nidalee more durability to compensate them for changes to their core items, and adjusting champions that have found a bit too much success with the new item system (hello Rengar and Karma).

In other news, we also have our Heavenscale skinline coming out this patch, the return of URF, an update on the Vanguard rollout, and a reminder about Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 deprecation, so make sure to check out all the sections down below!

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