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Hold the door, it’s patch 14.4!

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Patch 14.4 Notes

Hold the door, it’s patch 14.4!

Hold the door! Here comes patch 14.4!

In this week's patch we have quite a few feels-good-to-play quality of life updates for some gameplay systems and champions. To kick things off we have a kit update for Rek'Sai, an update to help tethers in game feel more responsive, and some follow-up QoL adjustments for Smolder. We also have some feels-good-to-play-against changes to make champions like Illaoi, Fiora, and tank Bard more reasonable if you find yourself matched up with them. We're also making some updates to support power curves, fountain regeneration, Lost Chapter items, adjustments to Emerald+ LP gains, and ARAM!

In other news, this is the patch where we update our minimum specs to no longer support Windows 7, 8, and 8.1, so make sure you upgrade! We also have an update on the Vanguard rollout plan, so make sure you read the full section below for all the details.

On the TFT side of things, it's the Remix Rumble Championship patch, so make sure you're all caught up on the TFT patch notes here!