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Plug in and game on - it’s 14.5!

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Patch 14.5 Notes

Plug in and game on - it’s 14.5!

Plug in and get ready to game, it's time for Patch 14.5!

In this week's patch we're taking a beat to make follow up changes on some adjustments from previous patches like Seraphine, Rek'Sai, and Smolder while addressing a handful of champions that are currently overperforming. Additionally, we're continuing tuning on some support items to adjust their power curves and create more parity between them and opening up itemization options for AP assassins.

In other news we also have the Season 2024 Split 1 ranked end date and times, a round of ARAM balance changes, and some new additions to the PROJECT skinline!

Wrong patch notes? In that case, you can check out the TFT patch notes here!