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Gather ‘round, it’s time for patch 14.6!

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Patch 14.6 Notes

Gather ‘round, it’s time for patch 14.6!

Gather 'round cowboys and cowgirls, 'cause it's High Noon in patch 14.6!

This week, we've got ourselves a straightforward roundup. We're fixin' to boost the power of some scalin’ tanks that’re holdin' down the fort in the top lane like Cho'Gath and Sion. But we also gotta rein in them champions ridin' a bit too wild—lookin’ at you Smolder and Karma. And let me tell ya, we've got an update for Galio to make him live out his colossal tank midlaner dreams! When it comes to the gear, we're throwin' a buff lasso to give crit marksmen a bit more bite, and we're makin' a sweep through epic-tier items to make ‘em fairer.

Hold on to your saddles, 'cause there's more to the tale. We're wranglin' up some ARAM balance changes, tweakin' demotion LP levels, lettin' you know about a replay change behind the scenes, an update on DirectX support update, and unveilin' a fresh batch of High Noon skins for ya to feast your eyes on. So, saddle up partners and let the patchin' commence!

Also, make sure to keep an eye peeled for any suspicious stuff happenin’ in Quickplay towards the end of the month and let us know if y’all find anything interestin’.

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