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Don’t be a fool, Patch 14.7 is serious business.

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Patch 14.7 Notes

Don’t be a fool, Patch 14.7 is serious business.

Don’t be a fool, patch 14.7 is serious business!

On this week’s episode of “what did we patch in,” it’s some April fools' shenanigans! This time around we’ve got a few changes when it comes to the damage coming out of the support role for a few champs, and some pesky bugs that were impacting Senna and support items. We also got some changes to bring the Solo Queue Terrorizer known as Volibear back in line, as well as some tweaks to give Olaf a little more junglin’ power. We also pulled back some changes we gave to Rell in the jungle department and then gave Sylas a teeny bit more jungling power for those strange people out there that want to jungle Sylas. We also have a few more tweaks to Galio following last week's changes to incentivize him a little more on getting some melee uptime.

We also threw down a slew of ARAM balance changes for supports and tanks, have an update on DirectX support and a handful of April Fools' skins!

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