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The official patch of MSI - here’s 14.8!

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Patch 14.8 Notes

The official patch of MSI - here’s 14.8!

Welcome to patch 14.8—the official patch of MSI 2024!

In this patch we're focusing on getting everything ready for MSI, so that means you'll see some more Pro-oriented changes to make sure things are in good shape going into the tournament. But if you aren't a Pro like me don't worry, because there are still quite a few changes here for us as well!

In other news, we have an update on Vanguard, a new batch of Blood Moon skins, and a Mythic Shop rotation, and a batch of ARAM balance changes.

If you're looking for the latest tech on how to hit 3-star Yone, you can also check out the TFT patch notes here!