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Get ready for MSI, Arena, and patch 14.9!

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Patch 14.9 Notes

Get ready for MSI, Arena, and patch 14.9!

Starting tomorrow, May 1st, 12 teams from across the world will fight it out at the Mid-Season Invitational in beautiful Chengdu, China with a spot at the 2024 World Championship now on the line! Interested in learning more? Check out our full MSI 2024 Primer here! We're also celebrating MSI with Empyrean and Arena this year, so make sure to check out the new batch of Empyrean skins plus the newly designed Empyrean Arena shop!

In other news, we also have quite a few balance balance adjustments now that the MSI patch is behind us. These include things like reshaping some fighter items like Maw of Malmortius and Death’s Dance, some champions like Akshan, Bel’Veth, and Nilah, and some much needed adjustments to Skarner and Sejuani. We’re also rounding out this patch with adjustments to champion radii (radiuses?) which should help champion’s visual match up with their in-game hitboxes more frequently—make sure to read that section down below!

Small note, we’re trying something new with patch notes this week. While we typically have all the changes grouped together, this patch we’ll be splitting them up between large and small ones to make parsing through the notes a bit easier. Let us know how you like this new format!

Over in TFT, 20 new Artifacts and five new Support Items round out a patch that'll have you cooking up the craziest new builds! For all the latest details make sure to check out the TFT patch notes here!