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All of our League of Legends smurf accounts are delivered to you instantly after payment. Your new LoL smurf account will be displayed on the payment confirmation screen and you will also receive your LoL smurf account straight to your email address.

30-Day Guarantee

We pride our League of Legends smurf shop on being trusted and professional, therefore we always provide a 30-Day Guarantee on all our LoL smurf accounts. If your smurf account(s) gets banned within 30 days (excluding scripting or being toxic), you will receive a replacement smurf account.

Unverified Email

Once you purchase a LoL smurf account off us, it’s yours! Every League of Legends smurf account provided by us comes with an unverified email address, so all you have to do is add your own email address to it. Your email address means your smurf account.

Safe and Secure

Shop with confidence knowing that all payment information is handled by Stripe! Stripe is a payment gateway used by millions of businesses that lets you purchase your next smurf account safely and securely, either using Apple Pay or your Credit Card.  

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TIME TO BRING OUT THE VOLIBEAR LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS “Zip, zap, and zoom with Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, in patch 12.2! This patch, we’re introducing an electrifying new personality to the Rift, plus a ton of champion balance changes. There’s a champion refresh for Janna in the forecast as well as more item, dragon,

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Patch Notes 12.1

TIME TO BRING OUT THE GANKPLANK LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS “Happy new year, folks! Welcome to Season 2022. We’re kicking off the new Ranked season with a soft reset, changes to decay, and some visual updates. We also have a few champion and item balances, changes to Teleport, plus a couple of beautiful new Elderwood skins.

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league smurfs faq

Our automatic system ensures you receive your league smurf account information straight after purchase. You will also receive an email with your account details, though sometimes it may take up to 10 minutes. Make sure you check your spam folder!

All of our League of Legends smurf accounts come unverified and have the ability to register your own email. We always recommend to change the password and register your email address as soon as possible. All accounts also come with a 30-Day Guarantee for peace of mind.

All CLASTORE products are represented and sold using the US Dollar.

If you have any more questions about your LoL smurf account, please contact us.

Need blue smurfs? Sorry, we can’t help you. But if the smurfs you’re looking for are unranked and related to League of Legends, then read on…

League of Legends, or LoL for short, has exploded in popularity since it first emerged back in October of 2009. By the end of 2011, the multiplayer online battle arena had reportedly racked up almost 33 MILLION players worldwide – almost 12 million of whom play every month and 4 million every day. LoL is adored for its fast-paced gameplay that fuels the competitive hunger of players all across the world, focusing on speed, intensity, and hours of epic adventure

In case you didn’t know – when you create your first LoL account, you’ll automatically start at level 1 which limits how many summoner spells, runes, champions, game modes, and masteries you can access (yawn). You want more, and the good news is that you can get more by buying a highquality, unranked smurf account through CLASTORE!

f you’re tired of Googling “LoL accounts for sale”, “League of Legends Account Sale” and “LoL account for sale all champions” endlessly, then the search stops here. You’ve come to the right places for the cheapest LoL accounts online – so congrats! If you want to enjoy LoL’s in-game content to the fullest, you need a legendary account of epic proportions – and that’s where our list of unranked smurf accounts comes in, empowering you to buy cheap LoL accounts in a safe environment!

We have hundreds of LoL accounts for sale, and how do we ensure such high quality? By offering exclusive accounts that may have rare skins and are ready for ranked play, each backed by a 30-day guarantee and instant delivery. Our automated smurf account delivery systems need no caffeine or sleep to work 24/7, 365 – and we stand by our buyers, protecting every LoL smurf account purchase while giving you various secure ways to pay. 

Buying an unranked smurf account through a League of Legends Account Sale is smart way to level-up your gaming strategy and play against less-skilled opponents so you can focus on building upon pre-established skills and tactics. Smurf accounts give you an easy way to win more and have fun without the stress of high-intensity gameplay, and we guarantee high-quality League of Legends accounts with high win rates against authentic players. These accounts have up to 70k Blue Essence to buy rune pages and champions, so you can dive right in and immerse in ranked games in your favorite role.

With our safe, secure, and low-cost high-rank LoL smurf accounts for sale, you can buy from reputable sellers at cheap rates, gaining access to a summoner-owned smurf account with a highlevel (30 or above).

When we say we have the highest quality LoL accountson the market with a chance of getting rare skins , we mean it. But don’t take us by our word – check out the streams of reviews we’ve already received from our happy pro LoL summoners.

Ready to level-up your gameplay? Let’s go!

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