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Why buy a League Smurf from us?

Looking for your next League of Legends Smurf account? We have you covered! From instant delivery, to choosing your own skin. Doesn't matter what Smurf you're looking for, we have it.

Instant Delivery

All of our League of Legends smurf accounts are delivered to you instantly after payment. Your new LoL smurf account will be displayed on the payment confirmation screen and you will also receive your LoL smurf account straight to your email address.

30-Day Guarantee

We pride our League of Legends smurf shop on being trusted and professional, therefore we always provide a 30-Day Guarantee on all our LoL smurf accounts. If your smurf account(s) gets banned within 30 days (excluding scripting or being toxic), you will receive a replacement smurf account.

Unverified Email

Once you purchase a LoL smurf account off us, it's yours! Every League of Legends smurf account provided by us comes with an unverified email address, so all you have to do is add your own email address to it. Your email address means your smurf account.

Safe and Secure

Shop with confidence knowing that all payment information is handled by Stripe! Stripe is a payment gateway used by millions of businesses that lets you purchase your next smurf account safely and securely, either using Apple Pay or your Credit Card.

Trusted by players across all regions

Trusted by thousands of players, you can guarantee you’re getting the best Smurfs for the most affordable prices.

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Our Smurf Reviews

  • good website


  • great service

    instant fast good

  • Okay

    it's cheapest service to buy acc i have seen xo

  • Good

    i wouldn't recomend buying 50k as 40k is pretty much the same for a cheaper price

  • it's legit

    its so fkn cheap and it's literally so relialbe. chills is da homie

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    jeff bingos
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    good website

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  • great account

    i loved it instant and safe

  • Too Cheap

    The cheapest place to get smurfs

  • never got banned

    10 accounts 0 bans

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    good and fast

  • Fast, cheap and clean account


  • Very fast delivery, also great skins are sometimes found in them!

    better than leveling up to 30, too long anyways

  • amazing

    bought over 15 accounts all of them are nice

  • omg good

    good smurf

  • lewl

    lewl smurf lewl

  • Poggers

    Poggers smurf sheesh

    Pog the 2nd
  • good website

    good smurfs


Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, you can always send us a message with your enquiry.

Instant Delivery?
All accounts are displayed instantly at the payment confirmation page under 'Your Smurf Account(s)'. Accounts are also emailed to you but may end up in your spam folder. If you created an account on our website you can view your smurf accounts details there at any time.
What happens if I get banned?
If you receive a ban that was not caused by you, we will replace the account. Please include your order number in the support ticket and change your password back to the original one so we can verify the ban.
What currency do we use?
All products are represented and using the US dollar
Any other question?
If you have any questions about your smurf account, please contact us.

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