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Patch Notes 12.12

Time to bring out the Annie LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS. "Make snow mistake—it's patch 12.12! We're here with another set of balance changes, several of which are continued follow-ups to the 12.10 Durability Update. Certain heals and shields are getting further adjustments, while select burst and engage mechanics will receive the little extra oomph that they needed. Champion pets can have a little durability, too. "

Mon, June 27, 2022

Patch Notes 12.2

Time to bring out The Volibear LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS “Zip, zap, and zoom with Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, in patch 12.2! This patch, we’re introducing an electrifying new personality to the Rift, plus a ton of champion balance changes. There’s a champion refresh for Janna in the forecast as well as more item, dragon ...

Wed, January 19, 2022

Patch Notes 12.1

TIME TO BRING OUT THE GANKPLANK LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS “Happy new year, folks! Welcome to Season 2022. We’re kicking off the new Ranked season with a soft reset, changes to decay, and some visual updates. We also have a few champion and item balances, changes to Teleport, plus a couple of beautiful new Elderwood skins. …

Thu, January 6, 2022

Patch Notes 11.24

TIME TO BRING OUT THE TWITCH LoL SMURF ACCOUNTS “We cordially invite you to an exquisite, green tie Debonair affair to celebrate the end of the year! We’re keeping it classy this week with sophisticated champion, item, rune, and dragon updates to keep preseason running splendidly. Ultimate Spellbook is also getting a spiffy update, and ARAM …

Sat, December 18, 2021