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The penultimate Worlds patch!

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Patch 12.17 notes

The penultimate Worlds patch!

Welcome to patch 12.17, the penultimate patch before Worlds!

With Worlds being played on patch 12.18 this is the last opportunity for us to introduce larger scale changes without significantly changing the current state of the meta in Pro play. This patch we’ll be focusing on pulling some power out of picks that have been dominating playoffs throughout the world. That said, we also have quite a few buffs for champions that haven’t been seeing as much play recently, as well as larger scope updates to champions like Maokai and Hecarim. Without further ado, to Worlds we go!

TFT is launching its new mid-set, Uncharted Realms, which brings more Dragons, more Treasure, and more—read about it all over at the TFT patch notes here!